Saturday, November 19, 2005

Me again!

Hello, everybodeeeee. It's Andy here again. Thought I'd better leave my cock alone for five minutes and update my blog. Let's face it, there's only so many hours in the day you can wank over girls from Eastern Europe getting their arses paddled.

Read on, folks...

That nasty Steve Brooks has banned me from his site (again). This time I was using the hilarious name Sponge Bollocks, and my avatar was a picture of Uri Geller (circa. 1970s, when he still bent cutlery). Don't you think I'm such a rebel?

I'm currently learning a move called the Elmsley Count. It was invented by a little-known magician from England called Alex Elmsley. You dimwits won't have heard of Alex Elmsley, or just "Elmsley", as people like me call him, but he is a good card man.

Not much else to say apart from ... Steve Brooks is fat!

Make me your bitch, Steve.

Ah, this is magic. Feeling the warmth of Steve Brook's hand on my spotty back as he pushes his stubby member into my puckered arsehole. Feeling his fat belly slapping my upturned buttocks as he grunts and groans behind me...

Oops, sorry. Daydreaming again. Mum's always telling me off about it. Now, where was I?

Oh, yes. Been recently practising a move called the GLIDE. Just about it got it up to speed. You should learn this valuable sleight. It looks like you're simply taking the bottom card. In reality you are taking the second-from-bottom card. It's an excellent move. Move over Lennart Green and Jerry Sadowitz - the new card kid's in town.

Just purchased Jay Sankey's Firestarters DVD. (Jay Sankey is a really good Canadian magician, for you dimwits that don't know!) It is a good DVD. Not only does Jay teach magic tricks, but he also gives advice on dating women. Can't wait to try some of the ideas. (Cynics would argue that Jay marketed his DVD in order to make money from spotty porn-addicted males (you know, ones that get all angry inside when they visit the Blackpool Magicians' Convention and see other magicians with attractive women), but I bought the DVD anyway.)

Right. Back to my Readers' Wives. Will speak to you again soooooooon.

I only talk to girls when my deck's in my hand.

Hello. This is a blog I started when that horrible man Steve Brooks banned me from his site. I got very, very cross about it, and decided to vent my spleen on this blog.

Anyway, must shoot. Mum's shouting me down for my dinner! Will write more later. Byeeeeeeeee.